Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quizzing in PowerPoint

In my art lessons at school we have been looking alot at colour - including warm and cool, tones, tints, shades, primary, secondary, complimentary, and the colour wheel. I created this short, 5 question Colour Quizz in powerpoint as a formative assessment tool to see how their understandings of colour is developing and which areas need more focus.

I think using PowerPoint to create quizzes is alot more exciting and fun than ClassMarker was, although that had its benefits. I would definitely opt for a PowerPoint Quizz to use as a whole class formative assessment however. I like chossing funky backgrounds and colours and it is so simple to add hyperlinks between pages and add hints when learners get the question wrong, and extra information when they get it right (which also helps if they guess it correctly - they can still learn something!).

Pretty good I say.
Please let me know what you think of my quizz.

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