Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's get Quizz-i-cal

My Quizz - Year 3 Technology

I can see why this may be a useful tool for some classrooms. No doubt you have had to complete a number of online quizzes for your university studies. It would be a practical anytime-anywhere Formative Assessment tool, giving Learning managers insite into how much learners know in the way of declarative knowledge, and 'where to next' in teaching and learning experiences. However, I personally do not feel that it is a terribly terrific tool to use in a primary school context. Sure, it could be used and it could be useful, but not to as much advantage as it would have in high school. In a Primary School context I think it would work better as a whole class using the 'My Groups' part to make it look more exciting, put up on a projector or interactive whiteboard and played as a sort of team game (like 'Buzz'), or added to a virtual classroom as extra revision, extension work, opptional homework etc.

I suppose another way it can be used is if students can create the tests themselves for their peers, as another means of learning (along the lines of teaching others) that has the potential to increase the retention rate to 90% according to the Learning Pyramid.

In all, not my favourite tool I've experienced so far, but I am beginning to see how it could be useful in the classroom.

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