Monday, August 3, 2009

Mahara Madness

Ok, so I'm totally confused. After using blogs and WIKIs, which are about an 8/10 in how simple they are to use, my Mahara account is about a 2/10. I will need to watch a few more clips on how to use it before I go ahead. There are just so many parts to it, it is actually difficult to get your head around! I understand how useful it can and will be, especially when the time comes to start our interviews and applying for jobs, it's just that it is one of those 'dreaded' technologies that takes alot of time and 'playing around' with to use effectively.

I might have to get back to you on how Mahara can be used in a classroom and the learning opportunities it provides for both learners and learning managers once I have had more time on it myself. For now though, wish me luck!

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